Konstantinos Mitsakis and Olga Papadogianni are a pair of teachers united by their common passion for journeys and motorcycle. Through their travels to places that entail challenges as well as hardships, they experience unusual emotions and come in contact with the unexpected.
Journeys for them are the desire for exploration and coming in contact with the history of every country they visit, which is the best effected through meeting each civilization in the country it was developed. Their final aim is the education and the deeper knowledge of themselves. Thus they seek to materialize the romantic dreams of youth, which through the years were transformed into an imperative need in their adult life: to taste the perfume of life by traveling all over the world on a motorcycle.
Over the years they published articles in the daily press referring mainly to their travels. They are also the authors of a series of books in which they descried their traveling experiences.
Some of them refer to Africa, Asia and Europe.
They are also written a book about a journey they made, tracing the footprints of Alexander the Great. They have also compiled their photographs from all over the world in a unique album.