EUROPE (click image to enter)

Europe is where we began our quest. It is where we gradually matured as riders and travelers. europe trips The experiences we had on European streets and at destinations, where the foundations of our future wanderings on two wheels across the other four continents of our planet.


From Turkey to China and from Syria Asia far East trips to Thailand, every country was an individual, unique piecein the complex national – cultural jigsaw puzzle, we had to cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers across the continent. (click image to enter)


Unknown and inaccessible, challenging Africa trips and unique, Africa has her own laws. Cruel and ruthless, these laws of survival brought us face to face with the most extreme conditions that test modern man’s power of endurance. (click image to enter)


On the roads of N. America we didn’t feel fear as we did in Africa.America North trips Neither we faced the cultural abundance prevailing in Asia. That we surely saw, was an amazing ecosystem, quite unique, surrounded by humble and respectful locals, who used to live in utter harmony with the nature, without any conflict and competitive attitude, fully respecting her. (click image to enter)


With starting point the faraway Tierra de Fuego,America South trips the south end of the American continent (but our planet also), we started out having Alaska as our destination, an odyssey of 24.000 kilometers which lasted four months. Exciting was also the experience we lived on the Andes of Peru, where we traveled at a height of 3.500m. (click image to enter)


In the distant seas oh the south Africa trips lies forgotten the largest island of the world, which the smallest and the most recently discovered continent of the planet. (click image to enter)